Andrew Blum
October 29, 2009
EDC 423

Book Activity 6
Part A:
Two interesting ideas learned from websites:
The Earth’s crust is divided into big sections called tectonic plates, which originally made up a super continent called Pangaea.
There are three main types of volcanoes, strata-volcanoes, cinder cones, and Shield volcanoes.
One tip to help navigate websites:
Look for and use highlighted words and phrases to show you important parts and facts about the subject. Usually highlighted words are links to other pages where the word and topic it relates to are further explained.
One feature that I found useful: would have to be the interactive aspect of the Discovery kids site, where you are able to create your own volcano based on the different inputs of gas and viscosity.
Part C:

Exploration of Volcanoes
With our completion of A Vacation Under the Volcano and our introduction to volcanoes, you are now going to have an opportunity to further explore and learn about them. I would like you to visit these two websites and answer the questions below. By the end or your research our goal is to have you be able to have a broad range of knowledge about volcanoes and connect that with the book.
1) Please visit the first website (, and find information about Pangaea. What does the word Pangaea actually mean? How did scientist figure out about Pangaea, what clues helped them figure it out?
2) Look at and explore how volcanoes are formed in relation to plate tectonics and plate boundaries. After that what is the only exception in which a volcano can be formed? Give an example (Hint it is a favorite vacation spot for families to go and relax on the beaches.)
3) Please visit our second website (, research and take notes on the different types of volcanoes. Then with what you have learned decide on which type of volcano was in the book and explain why you know.
4) Go to the section on the left side of the page where it says “Build your own volcano and watch it erupt”. Explore this page and try out all the different combinations of viscosity and gas in building a volcano. With your answer from the previous question write down the correct combination of the viscosity and gas and describe what you see and the main features of that volcano.
Extra Credit- What is the Ring of Fire and where is it located?
Evaluation Rubric:
Out of 10 points.
Questions 1 and 3 were fully answered and a clear understanding of the topics was shown- 2 points each.
Question 2 and 4 were completely answered and a good amount of research was shown and the connection to the book was also shown- 3 points each.