Here is what I learned today:

I chose the topic of mythology and I found a lot of interesting information.

2 new ideas I learned about mythology:
Goddess of Wisdom and Arts and crafts, Minerva, was especially good at weaving. So when a woman named Arachne weaved a beautiful picture and when Minerva couldn't find something wrong with it she ripped it up and turned the woman into a spider. To this day the spider weaves a beautiful web.

Janus is the Roman God of doors/gates and he guarded the gates of heaven. It is said he had two faces, one for looking forward and one for looking backward. This is why the first month January is named after him because we look back at the past year and forward to the year ahead.

A Navigational Strategy
Useful navagational strategies:
Look at links and headlines for key words or ideas that relate to the topic I am looking for.
Read descriptions of website.

Reliable Source of Information
Greek and Roman Gods it was from the Encyclopedia Mythica.
Look at the web address (especially .org, .gov)
Look at who created the website (but be careful for biases)

One informational feature
I found a chart that gives the Roman God/Goddess and their Greek equivalent as well as what they are the God/Goddess of.
This is informational and useful because it reduces the amount of research you need to do and it is visually organized for you. It is all laid out for you.


Roman Mythology

Name: Date:

After reading Magic Tree House: Vacation under the Volcano we are going to expand your knowledge of Roman times by looking at Roman Mythology. During this internet workshop you will to explore information on the web by looking at the provided web sites.

Critical thinking on Gods:

1. Look at the chart featured on the website Introductory Chart on the Greek and Roman Gods what can you tell me about the names of the gods in Rome. What do you notice? What about the gods in Greek? Why are their names different in Roman and Greek?

2. Using the same website, explain what a myth is in your own words. Then, give me an example of a myth of your choosing about one of the Greek Gods.

Mythology and the Present Day

3. Using the website Roman Gods, what can you tell me about the names of our months and the Romans. Is there any connection?

4. Describe the Romans number system. What is the Roman number for the following: 18, 345, 1,234 & 300. Now solve (X+XV) – V+ C=? Show your work. Lastly, which way would you prefer if you could choose?

16 points-explored the site, found and recorded your answers for each question (4pts x 4 ques=16)
4 points-shared important information with the class during our internet workshop.
20 points