Part A: Done in class

Part B:
New Ideas:
-the roads were paved with blocks of various shapes and sizes
-the ampitheater that Jack and Anne visited held 12,000 spectators
-it wasn't until 1748 that archaelogists discovered the city of Pompeii
How to Navigate:
I found it helpful to lthink of key words and ideas you were interested in learning about. Then when I got to the websites I could easily look for those ideas and find what I was looking for.
As a Teacher:
On www.volcanolive.com/pompeii.html there is an index of places in ancient Pompeii. The students could find the places that Jack and Anne visited in their adventure and find out real facts about them. Some links even include pictures of how they look today. It is a good first step to understanding the key places in ancient Pompeii as well as piece together Jack and Anne's adventure.

Part C:
I)Ancient Pompeii Destroyed by a Volcano - http://www.thehumorwriter.com/Kids_Corner_--_Original_Storie/Ancient_Pompeii/ancient_pompeii.html
After reading Vacation Under the Volcano I am sure you all have some questions about the events Jack and Anne witnessed. The city of Pompeii really did exist back in 79A.D. View the above website to learn more about Pompeii and the events that nearly trapped Jack and Anne in history. Use the website to help you answer the following questions.
1) Why did it take so long for archeologists to find the city of Pompeii? Do you think there could be more “lost” cities that we don’t know about, why?
2) Please watch the video link about what the volcano might have looked like. What kind of volcano was Mt. Vesuvius and why was it so deadly to the people of Pompeii and Herculaneum?

II) Interactive Timeline: Pompeii Eruption - http://www.fieldmuseum.org/pompeii/pompeii2/pompeii_content.html

Flip through the timeline of the Mt. Vesuvius eruption. Under the 1748 to present link, make sure to view the examples of artifacts found in the cities and excavation maps.

1) If you were in Pompeii when the earthquakes first started around 12:00p.m. what would you have done? Would you flee the city? Where would you go?
2) What event most likely killed the residents of nearby Herculaneum? Was this before or after the residents of Pompeii were killed?


After reading Vacation Under the Volcano, you know that Jack and Anne witnessed a lot of the day Mt. Vesuvius erupted over the city of Pompeii. Jack and Anne saw many interesting artifacts in the city on their search for the scroll. Throughout their adventure they also told us about the events of the day as Mt. Vesuvius was erupting. Using the website provided please complete the following questions.

1) Reviewing the timeline on the website, we can match the events Jack and Anne saw with the events scientists have researched. For each time listed below please write a brief description of what happened based on the internet timeline.

Event Description





2) Which of the above events did Jack and Anne tell us about in Vacation Under the Volcano? Refer back to the story if you need to.

3) Read about Pompeii from 1748 to Present. Be sure to explore the locations on the map to find artifacts discovered in Pompeii. What was an interesting artifact you found on the excavation map of Pompeii? Why do you think your artifact was found in that location?

4) Explore the other locations and photographs. Write down two new and interesting facts you learned about Pompeii and the neighboring cities to share with your classmates.

Evaluation Rubric:

2 pts –actively participate in the Internet Workshop
16pts (4 questions x 4pts each) – write thoughtful and complete responses to the questions
2pts – participated in a group discussion about new and interesting facts.
Total 20pts