Here is what I learned today:


Two New Ideas
  • The Romans knew of 7 bright objects in the sky: the sun, the moon and 5 planets. They named these planets after their most important gods.
  • A group of 12 gods called Dii Consentes were especially honored by the Romans. These 12 gods were: Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, Vesta, Cares, Diana, Venus, Mars, Mercurius, Neptunus, Volcanus and Apolo.

One Navigational Strategy
  • On the "Roman Gods" website, there is a list of links on the right side of the page. Each link is an important concept in mythology. They include: Solar System, Days of the week, Seven Wonders of the World, Roman Numbers, Roman Mazes, Month names, etc.

One Reliable Source
  • Also on the "Roman Gods" website, a list of all of the Roman Gods is given. Each name on the list is a link to a webpage with information about that specific god. I know this is a reliable source because all of the other websites had the same information, but not as easily accessable.

One Informational Feature
  • On the "Greek and Roman Myths"website, there is a helpful, easy-to-read chart. This chart contains Roman gods' names, the Greek equivalent gods' names and what they do/what they are known for. The graphic organizer can help students compare Roman and Greek gods all on one webpage without searching for research from many different sources