Angela Nobile
EDC 423: Book Activity #6
October 28, 2009

Part B
Workshop Notes: New things I learned
1) Some Roman families paid school masters to teach their children. The school year started on March 24 with one classroom and twelve students in each class. Teachers were often Greek slaves because the Romans thought that Greeks were smart.
2) Popular theater during Ancient Roman life were comedies or mime, shows as well as chariot races and gladiator fights would occur in the Amphitheater.
3) Dogs were the most common pet. Others included birds, monkeys, and cats.

Tips to Navigate and Read Websites
1) Look for highlighted text or underlined material that can lead you to more websites. There might be further information on a topic that may be useful.
2) If you are trying to play videos make sure that you have any of the required software that it needs to play. This may be a reason why it is not working for you.

Informational Feature
One informational feature appropriate and fun for 4th graders that I found was taking a 3D tour of ancient Rome on google earth. I think it would be a fun and interesting experience for them and they would be able to learn more about ancient Roman life using visuals.

Part C
Lesson Idea

Vacation Under the Volcano and
The Ancient Roman Lifestyle

Now that we have finished reading Vacation under the Volcano, it is time for us to venture out and explore Ancient Roman life just as Annie and Jack had done. Please visit the websites listed below and answer the questions following. This activity will help us with our social studies project coming up so make sure you pay close attention to the information and pictures you are viewing.

Site #1:
1) What are two events that occurred in the Amphitheater?
2) Are there any things that the Romans used to do in their free time that are similar to things that you like to do now? If so, why do you think that you and the Romans have things in common?

Site #2:
1) Look through your book Vacation Under the Volcano, do the pictures of the people in the book look similar to the pictures of people on the website? Do you think the author did a good job researching Ancient Roman clothing, why or why not?
2) After looking at all of the different types of clothing for different people on the website, draw a picture of what you would be wearing in Ancient Rome. Make sure to label what kind of clothes you are wearing.

Student thoughtfully answered questions from site one (4 points)

Student thoughtfully answered question 1 from site two (2 points)
Student put thought into their picture and provided labels for clothing (2 points)

Student stayed on task and used the websites as tools to answer questions (2 points)

Total: __/10