Listed below are the broad topics covered for each of the quizzes for EDC423

Quiz #1: (Format: Fill in the blank, give examples, apply ideas to books) 54 points
  • Children’s Literature Awards
  • Elements of Story (define and apply) Setting, conflict, climax, resolution, falling action (see slides from 10/7 class for overview of these elements)
  • Qualities of a well-rounded classroom library
  • Metacognitive Reading Strategies - especially predicting and making connections
  • Metacognitive Teaching Framework (Kelly & Clausen-Grace, 2007)
  • Booktalks
  • Poetry Forms and Poets
  • Developing Aspects of Reading Motivation
  • Ideas from Picture Book Bonanza in the Library

Quiz #2: (Format: Fill in the blank, give examples, briefly discuss key points) 66 points
Prepare for this quiz like you would prepare for a job interview as an elementary school teacher.

Metacognitive Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • understand the definitions of the seven key comprehension strategies
  • explain the phases of a Think-Aloud activity for strategy instruction and the activities/goals of each phase
  • give examples of how to teach them to children in Grades 3-6 using specific instructional strategies

Genres of Literatures
  • Elements of quality for each
  • Benefits for children

Instructional practices for teaching reading comprehension and response in a balanced literacy curriculum (what, why, how)
  • Read-Aloud; Shared Reading; Guided Reading; Partner Reading; Independent Reading
  • Question-Answer Relationships
  • Discussion Webs
  • Text Talk Queries
  • Literature Circles

Effective comprehension response activities and journal prompts
  • Provide examples
  • Discuss the benefits