EDC423 Internet Workshop Activity

Read the following article and complete a discovery memo. Remember to:
1. Sum up your interpretation of Leu's big ideas (what is Internet Workshop and why is it important?)
2. Make connections to your own experiences and to your future classroom)
3. Reflect on the ideas in your reading (pose questions for the author, provide alternative solutions and responses, demonstrate that you are "grappling" to deal with the challenges these ideas pose for you as a reading teacher).

Leu, D.J., Jr. (2002, February). Internet Workshop: Making time for literacy [Exploring Literacy on the Internet department]. The Reading Teacher, 55(5). Available: http://www.readingonline.org/electronic/elec_index.asp?HREF=/electronic/RT/2-02_Column/index.html)

The Magic Treehouse Series has a companion website at http://www.randomhouse.com/kids/magictreehouse/ where your students can explore more about each book, connect to Research Guides, interact with Mary Pope Osborne, and learn about the research she does to write each of her books. Learn more about The Vacation Under the Volcano and the companion research guide Ancient Rome and Pompeii


Moving Beyond A Vacation Under the Volcano

In this activity, the members of your group will engage in Internet Workshop together around four non-fiction topics woven into Mary Pope Osborneā€™s book Vacation Under The Volcano. Each team member will have 20 minutes to explore and gather information on the Internet in one area. You may begin your exploration guided by the questions you created before class. However, you may encounter additional information about the topic that you find interesting as you explore. You will bring the information you gathered about your topic back to your team where you will share and discuss it for 30 minutes.

Please be sure to share the following with your group members:
  • AS A STUDENT participating in Internet Workshop:
    • at least two new ideas you learned about your topic
    • one tip you can share for how to read/navigate information on webpages
    • Share your thoughts about this activity on the wiki. Is it useful for building comprehension of digital texts? (Why/why not?) Does it align with any principles of motivating/engaging instruction? (Why/why not?)


What exactly happened on that horrible day in Pompeii? How do scientists know what really happened? In what sequence did the events occur? What was lost in the eruption? Was anything saved?
Explore at least two of these websites. Take notes and be prepared to share what you discovered.

Ancient Roman Life
What was a typical day like in Ancient Rome? What did people wear and eat? How did they spend their time? What did the Ancient Romans believe in? How is it similar or different to your life now?
Explore at least two of these websites. Take notes and be prepared to share what you discovered.

What is a volcano? Are all volcanoes the same? What makes a volcano so dangerous anyway? Are there still volcanoes today and if so, where?
Explore at least two of these websites. Take notes and be prepared to share what you discovered.

What is mythology? Did only the Romans believe in gods? What can we learn about life today from mythology?
Explore at least two of these websites. Take notes and be prepared to share what you discovered.


Our Class Wikibooks about Pompeii, Ancient Rome, Volcanoes, and Mythology

Follow the directions in your Book Activity #6 handout Part B (to upload your notes) and Part C. Create your own Internet Workshop

Fall 2009

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2. Sandy Carnevale
3. Christine Cataldo
4. Felicia Decaro
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6. Steven Freund
7. Molly Gilroy
8. Samantha Grasso
9. Tessa Kheradi
10. Lindsay Manning
11. Rachel Mason
12. Meagan Morrow
13. Karine Noack
14. Angela Nobile
15. Brandon Piheiro
16. Katie Schoyer
17. Alyssa Shelley
18. Margaux Stevenson
19. Megan Vallee

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